June 24, 2009

Assignment #3: Book Publication

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here’s my inspiration:

thanks to my magazine subscriptions :)

because of the economic downfall, i think the idea of thrifty shopping would be appealing especially when summer has arrived… “out with the old, in with the new”! out with all the wool, plaid, and corduroys & in with the light, sheer, crisp fabrics of summer clothing! out with all the heavily-scented and rich vanilla & cinnamon skincare, in with the soothing and refreshing smell of “sea breeze” and aloe!

as seen in class, here is my little handbookie:
the book cover
the book content

all in all, of the 3 assignments, i enjoyed this one the most and i’m more than just being satisfied with the product. i’ve finally managed to keep an assignment simple because my last 2 were considered “too busy” and/or “i’ve got too much to say”. this handbook is small, straight-to-the-point, colorful, and fun. as pointed out in class: people wouldn’t want to carry an actual book when shopping so i thought that the size of my handbook would be an ideal size to be carried around in a handbag. and since it’s a book on summer savings, bright colors are a must; however, it was a tad tricky when picking the right yellow for the cover since it has to be a comfortable and warm yellow. i’m glad that, through the printing process, the yellow has either darkened or flattened slightly. :) to my own surprise, making the front & back covers took me as long as making the 16 content pages!

THANK GOODNESS THE SCHOOL COMPUTERS ARE GOING TO BE CONVERTED TO CS4. i was freaked out when i realized i couldn’t open my indesign cs4 files on the computers in the printing doc. then luckily jocelyn said i could convert them to cs3 BUT STILL. i had to spend extra time converting and the process was so incredibly slooooow. what a pain in the bum. :'(



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it’s almost 10:50 right now… which means… an hour and 5 minutes left until end of class. END OF LAST CLASS.

then after that… bout 2 hours until work.

then a couple of hours after that…

which means…
Megan Fox

TODAY DESERVES AN OOH LA LA FACTOR OF 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000++++

June 22, 2009

♥ Tinkerbell

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she’s sooooooo pretty!
&& i love my new earrings :)

check out the Disney Couture collection!

June 8, 2009

Assignment #2 – Poster & logo

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racism. stereotyping. bullying. drug abuse. drink + drive. save energy. global warming. the 3 R’s. doggy litters. obesity. human & cultural rights, child slavery.

the hardest task out of the entire assignment was to pick a topic.
(the doggy litter idea came up to me SO randomly. here’s what happened: a couple took their cute puppy out for a walk. the cute puppy got diarrhea. the couple just stood there and looked at the pile of slushy doggy doodoo, seemingly not knowing what to do. i didn’t think it was their first time walking a dog though. i think it was more of like they weren’t expecting doggy diarrhea and they probably had nothing to clean it up with. so… they left it there.)
BUT! my global-concern-of-choice isn’t doggy litter! i just thought it was a cute story to share. :)

i really didn’t think child slavery was a good topic to work with; however, i want to point out an issue that is rarely or never seen in our developed and prosperous society. what doesn’t exist in our community doesn’t mean the issue is solved or is extinct globally due to laws and improvements on human rights. some of us are just not lucky enough to be born in an environment where it enforces the “basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled”. not everyone is entitled to freedom and happiness; they are 2 things that are a privilege to have… much like a special favor or request.

under this huge category of child slavery, i’ve chosen to speak of child slavery behind chocolate production.

i don’t like what wordpress is doing to my logo colors! :'(

here’s my poster! :)

Child slavery

good side: i’m pretty satisfied with the color scheme and the vectored boy image. it didn’t take as long as i thought for changing the original colors to shades of brown.
bad side: like what suzi said, there were too much that i wanted to say so the meaning wasn’t straight-to-the-point and it’s not being communicated clearly to the audience.

Child slavery campaign

an ideal place for this child slavery campaign is on the back of chocolate bars; however, it’d be better if it could be placed on containers such as this Cadbury one above. the reason for this placement is that Cadbury Dairy Milk commits to going Fair Trade. it’d be great if these big chocolate corporates could encourage and promote Fair Trade cocoa. if these big guys are doing it and are profiting from it, then other chocolate companies should consider making themselves Fair Trade as well. :)

May 31, 2009

ミスタードーナツ (Mister Donuts) :D

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richmond’s got all these specialty food shops like Beard Papa (cream puffs), Strawberry Cones (japanese pizza & pasta), and billions of bubbletea places; yet, we could only turn to tim hortons for donuts. i love donuts but i don’t want to go through the tedious drive to delta for Krispy Kremes. why can’t we have Mister Donuts in richmond?! donuts > cream puffs. we’ve got plenty of asian people around here to appreciate this donut franchise that’s popular over in their hometown. if we’ve got beard papa, i’d say there should also be mister donuts. :)

maple “flocky-chou”


chocolate-blueberry “flocky-chou”

strawberry whip french donut

double-chocolate pon de ring

strawberry-milk donut ring

i also love their cartoon mascot- pon de lion!  ♥  haha, does its mane remind you guys of something?  ;D

May 25, 2009

Assignment #1: Real/Fake Fake/Real – “Aquahouse”

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Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!

 sadly, my first idea didn’t work out- it was too complex for a photoshop newbie but i realized that a bit too late. there was only less than a day before my appointment at the Printing DOC.

even then, i was still procrastinating… panicking and procrastinating. so i thought it’d be better if i take my mind off the project for a while by watching Spongebob Squarepants online. yeah, this is the kind of thing that i’ll do when i’m faced with problems- run away from them, chill, and hope that a solution would soon pop out of nowhere. it worked in many previous times, it works this time, but hopefully i don’t need to experience this phase again next time. :(

inspired by Spongebob’s ridiculous pineapple house, i decided to make my project comical as well by placing my house into an aquarium:


i’ve always been interested in underwater infrastructures. eg. the still-in-construction Crescent Hydropolis of Dubai, an undersea resort:

with photoshop, i feel like i’ve just made the impossible possible because i’m living underwater now. taadaaaaa! :)

here are the original photographs that i’ve manipulated and incorporated into my final product (the “behind the scenes“):

cat_2  garden ducky  flamingo  house  spiky plant  tree

**help! i don’t know how to rotate the images… sorry!! :(

problem #1: it took me a long time attempting to blend the house in as if it’s inside the aquarium. considering that i want the house to be portrayed as being under the “cliff”, i’ve darkened it a lot to show that it’s in shadows. i’ve also blurred the edges to, hopefully, blend the house in even more. i guess it didn’t do much of a difference.  :\

problem #2: as observed by katarina, the cat is awkwardly placed. my idea is to place the cat on top of the “cliff” looking down onto the house, like a guard cat. i blurred and lightened the cat already since it sits near the surface of the water. i’ve also added a shadow under the cat but it seems to make the cat look like a postage stamp.

all in all, though, i’m satisfied with the results because i’ve learnt a lot through experimentation. the product wasn’t anything professional-looking, but i enjoyed the process. i overcame my fear for photoshop!! :)

May 12, 2009

…a blog?

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this is tricky stuff.

i feel that this is somewhere between private and public.

private because this is strictly for school and i doubt anyone outside of this class would have the time and interest to read on. i even doubt if anyone could actually find this within billions of other blogs. :D hey, that’s great! i’d be much appreciative if there are some sort of privacy setting around here so this blog can only be viewed by the cgia class. but unfortunately it is public. even though i’ve disabled the function to let my blog appear on google.

should i speak in a contemplative tone because this is school-related?

or should i speak in a chill tone because i’m posting my interests, my work, in the comfort of my house?

should i start typing “I” and the first letter of every sentence with a capital…?

May 11, 2009

>: D !!

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